TVCELI Unveils Top 10 Worst NIH Grants

Want to find out where the government is spending your money?  TVCELI has just unveiled it’s Top 10 Bizarre and Wasteful NIH Grants for your perusal… and there are some really ridiculous grants that would make even the most avid liberal wince in pain reading them.  Porn, pot, measurements of the male anatomy, even money to Communist China — it’s all in there.

The impact of the “fiscal cliff” due to sequestration is $1.2 trillion dollars stretched over the course of 10 years — a total impact to the projected budget, not actual spending, of $100 billion a year.

The task of Congress is to bend back the projected future spending away from something that looks like a 45◦ angle and turn it back to a more digestible 15◦ angle, thus allowing an economic recovery to absorb the future costs of entitlements, defense spending, and core services essential to the federal government.

Sequestration is ultimately a patchwork solution designed to hurt.  The real task requires a combination of efforts, but the perception of government bureaucrats holding the American economy hostage in order to preserve their budget lines must be erased entirely.

If sacrifices are to be demanded of the American people, government must make sacrifices equal to the demand upon American families.  There is no better place to begin than to end the sea of regulations killing American jobs, bizarre grant projects, and objectively wasteful spending within government.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is one agency that illustrates the problem in all agencies — a government-wide pandemic of spending that is real money to real people.

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