Is Iran already spending its profits from the nuclear deal?

It should come as little surprise that Iranian government, with billions of dollars in additional revenue coming as a consequence of the recent deal regarding its nuclear weapons program, has started spending more money on its favorite pastime – promoting regional instability through Islamist terrorist organizations:

Since the deal was signed, Iran has significantly increased its financial support for two of the largest terror groups in the region that have become political players, Hamas and Hezbollah. In the years before the deal was signed, the crippling sanctions limited this support, which had significantly diminished along with Iran’s economy.

This was a predictable response, and one anticipated in previous analysis of shortcomings of the current deal.  It is a shame that the current administration has given up on sanctions, as the financial restrictions in place were pushing Iran into an increasingly difficult fiscal situation.  Lifting the sanctions and allowing this Iranian windfall creates grave dangers for both America and its allies in the region.

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