Reporter Kicked Off Campus for Asking About Liberal Bias

When the student paper at Cornell University wrote a story showing how 96% of political donations from professors went to Democrats, you would think the administration would be concerned with this lack of intellectual diversity.   After all, it’s impossible for students to learn about the full range of viewpoints available when virtually all their professors share the same one.

The school actually did the exact opposite – when a reporter came to the school to ask about the story, they promptly kicked him off campus.  They also refused to explain why.  The motivation seems clear enough, though: to avoid being accountable for creating a one-sided atmosphere.


The school is a private one, so it has the right to kick someone off, but a college which chooses to ban speech in this way cannot seriously hold itself up as a place of higher learning.  One professor interviewed by the student paper, who also served as a vice provost in the administration for four years, summed up the impact:

“[I was] concerned that there were not enough conservative voices in the faculty… a lot of the time conservative professors don’t want to work here.”

Every one of the 13 separate colleges at Cornell showed the same bias, from engineering to arts and sciences.  The Cornell Sun story quoted multiple students whose professors often inserted their personal political views into class and acted dismissively toward opposing ideas instead of fostering discussion of them.

The school has offered no further explanation on its decision for this bias or its to kick the reporter off campus who was asking students about it.  The TV news segment where the reporter was kicked off can be seen here:

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