Instead of Defunding Planned Parenthood, Maine is Suing A Pro-Life Activist

This past year has seen a series of revelations about Planned Parenthood, as a number of videos showed its employees discussing the still-beating hearts of aborted children and joking about “wanting a Lamborghini” while selling the body parts of those same children.  The result has been a national conversation on America’s largest abortion provider and increased scrutiny of many of its activities.

Maine Attorney General Janet Mills (D)
Maine Attorney General Janet Mills (D)

In some states, it has also led to a push to defund the organization.  The results have been mixed, as there are some surprisingly difficult legal obstacles to making defunding a reality, leaders have stepped up in places such as Louisiana and Texas to try and make something work.  Other states have conducted investigations into the organization, and in many places, those efforts are still continuing.

But in Maine, something else is happening – instead of limiting the actions of those conducting abortions, state leaders are limiting the right of ordinary citizens and Christians to protest it.  Brian Ingalls, a 26-year old man from the state, is facing a lawsuit from the state’s own Attorney General after he was removed from public property outside a Planned Parenthood location for expressing his pro-life views.  There is some dispute about how loud Ingalls was being, but no dispute about where he was standing or what he was standing for.

The Washington Post gets into the details:

Erin Kuenzig, trial counsel for Thomas More Law Center, which is representing Ingalls, said her client was with his wife and baby “preaching from the Bible.” She said when police told him to quiet down, he did — but that Planned Parenthood called in another complaint anyway.

“Planned Parenthood didn’t like what this young Christian was saying,” Kuenzig told The Post.

Fortunately, as the above quote shows Ingalls has legal representation and will be fighting this lawsuit.  Yet it is still disturbing to see a state more worried about the volume level of those defending life than stopping the people engaged in the abhorrent practice of ending it.

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