New Survey Shows (Again) that Americans are Still Believers

It is easy to go through a pile of numbers and draw any conclusion you want, and the latest national survey on religion from the Pew Research Center will inevitably allow people to do just that.  But when you look at the bottom line, one basic facts is clear: most Americans believe.

Not only do they believe, but a majority of Americans pray every single day.  An overwhelming majority – almost 90% – believe religious organizations bring us together, strengthen community bonds, and play an important role in helping the poor and needy.


It must be said that the report is not all good news, as those who believe have become less likely to attend worship services regularly.  But that does not mean they have abandoned their faith – believers have actually become more likely to read scripture, participate in small prayer or study groups, and share their faith directly with others over the past few years.

Support has also grown for the idea that faith should “preserve traditional beliefs and practices.”  Overall, the evangelical movement is particularly strong, growing steadily to a membership of over 62 million people.

It is true that belief in America will change, as everything does, particularly in terms of how and where it is expressed.  There is certainly a part of the media that would love for America to abandon religion completely – and probably start worshiping them instead – but the fact religion is changing in America does not mean it is becoming any less vital or any less important to what makes our nation special.


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